Advanced accounting services / VAT services

We deliver more to our clients:

Please do call us! Our offer will be made considering your specific demands and expectations.

Taxation consulting

Tax consulting services are offered to our accounting clients, as well as other customers. Tax filing shall be in full compliance with Slovenian legislation, however rational and constantly searching for optimal taxation solutions. Services of a tax representative are also offered by our office. When a tax representative in Slovenia is needed, usually for VAT compliance, we are offering complete service: registration of an entity in Slovenia, administrative tasks and VAT payment, if needed. Further details can be found on Tax administration’s site.


We are processing payroll for mid-sized companies. Our clients can expect no mistakes, on time and confidential payroll services.

Consultancy services

We are experienced in consultancy in the field of formal business transformation: mergers, divisions, transformation from proprietor to incorporated entity.

We have significant experience in preparing value calculations for business sale. We can also act as business brokers.