VAT representation services for businesses from UK

After UK leaves EU on 31.12.2020, UK businesses who:

  • sell goods B2C in Slovenia and / or
  • sell services (B2C or specific services, for which place of supply is Slovenia) in Slovenia

will have to appoint fiscal representative for VAT purposes in Slovenia.


Slovenian distance selling threshold in amount of 35.000 EUR will no longer apply for UK sellers, therefore forcing them to get Slovenian VAT ID even if current threshold is not met. 


UK sellers, who already have Slovenian VAT ID, acting as VAT taxable persons in Slovenia, will continue with Slovenian VAT compliance tasks, the only change will be appointment of local fiscal representative. 


UK sellers, who currently do not reach annual threshold in amount of 35.000 EUR and haven’t decided to get Slovenian VAT number yet, will have to decide either to exit from Slovenian market or applying for Slovenian VAT number. 


We are offering fiscal representation services to various non-resident businesses, including compliance services under Slovenian VAT law. 


We can also help businesses to acquire Slovenian VAT ID number, see older post here


Feel free to write us at or call us at +386 8 2055 950 for further info and competitive rates. 

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