Slovenian corporate income tax raised to 19%


Until end of 2016, slovenian corporations’s profits are taxed with 17% rate of corporate income tax.

From 1st of January 2017, corporate income tax rate is raised to 19%.


Shareholders and owners of limited liability companies, who are physical persons, must add witholding tax to their tax burden when they are paid out dividens. This tax takes 25% of proceedings.

Total tax burden equals: 19%+81%*25%=38,475%, which is 3,3 percentage points higher that until the end of 2016; old tax burden equals 17%+83%*25%=35,275%.

Effective tax burden can be lowered with investment deductions. Do contact us at for further information.


We stick to hope taxman’s “appetite for destruction” is satisfied for now, but we are probably just naive.


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