Road transport of passengers – VAT in Slovenia


Under Slovenian VAT law, road transport of passengers is taxed with VAT. Administrative burden is significant. Bus / coach companies have to:

– identify theirselves as Slovenian VAT taxable persons,

– collect suppliers’  invoices,

– prepare data about the fares,

– submit VAT form every month,

– pay VAT due monthly.


New optional VAT scheme will be available from 1st of April 2015:

– VAT will be paid and form submitted once a year,

– deducting VAT from suppliers’ invoices will not be possible,

– scheme has to be used at least one year (no prior exit from the scheme is possible).


Passenger road transport companies can apply for alternative scheme. Administrative burden is truly much lower, but overall costs can even be higher. For additional info and our services’ offer please do not hesitate to call us at +386 8 2055 950 or send us an e-mail at


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