Selling at fairs & Slovenian VAT

There are various fairs held every year in Slovenia, especially around Christmas. We will not write an interesting marketing or entrepreneurial text here, but will, as usually, limit ourselves to taxation issues.

A business entity (a company, a sole proprietor, other legal entity), which sells at fairs, usually makes sales to end customers. In this case VAT identification in Slovenia must be made. Filling for Slovenian VAT number must be completed 15 days prior to first sale.

Complicated? Yes, no doubt. But we can help. We take care of:

  • VAT registration;
  •  fulfilling all administrative tasks during VAT registration;
  • VAT deregistration.

Please do call us at +386 8 2055 950 or mail us at We will do our best to help you achieve your business goals in Slovenia.

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