Tax representation in Slovenia

Businesses, who perform economic activities on Slovenian teritory and do not establish a legal presence in Slovenia (such as a subsidiary or a company), must identify theirselves for VAT purposes in Slovenia in following cases:

1. when performing services which are taxed in Slovenia, such as road transport of passengers (see Tax administration’s explanations on road transport of passengers here),

2. when importing goods into EU and Slovenia is not a final destination of goods.

In both cases companies from third territories or states outside EU must have a tax representative in Slovenia. Detailed info can be read at Tax administration’s pages.

Our office can provide full service of tax representation, including:

– registering a foreign company in a tax register and for VAT purposes;

– doing administrative work, such as VAT return and

– paying VAT if agreed so with the company.

After we are authorized to use Tax administration’s e-tax system, we can do all the work online and without usage of paper or ordinary mail.

Please call us or write to us at to get our offer.

If you are performing business operations on the teritory of Slovenia, i.e. activities, which are taxed in Slovenia, you have to register business unit in Slovenia in a form of a formal subsidiary or a company (see Tax Administration’s document, page 12, here or Corporate Income Tax Act). In this case you need a complete accounting and tax services, which we do for majority of our regular clients.

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